Apartments in NH? Location Location Location

Posted on November 7, 2013 under Apartment Living, Blog

When looking for apartments for rent in Nashua, one has to take into account the abundantly used phrase, “location, location, location.” Yes, the location of your apartment is as important a factor in deciding where to live as is financial reasons, the quality of your apartment, and even its location regarding where you work or where your loved ones live. It’s a delicate balancing act when looking for apartments for rent in NH. On one hand, NH offers a great deal of comfortable, wooded, folksy areas to live, as well many busy downtown locations. It’s this balancing act where Forest Ridge apartments thrive.

Our location plays a major role in our identity and the lifestyle we’re able to offer our tenants. We’re nestled perfectly within a cozy pocket of tree lined horizons and leaf covered acres of New England beauty. However, unlike most apartments for rent in NH, we’re also located only a short drive away from all the modern and convenient businesses, restaurants, and major highways you could need.

Convenient Location

We’re located right off of 101A and are just a few minutes’ drive onto the Frederick Everett Turnpike. This gives our tenants quick and easy access to Market Basket, Daniel Webster College, Holman Stadium, and of course, downtown Nashua, as well as the mall. Living close to the hub of the major freeways in Nashua also allows our tenants access to the major highways and roads leading all around NH.

You can think of our location as quietly convenient. Renting an apartment with Forest Ridge Apartments means you have a sanctuary from the hustle of the everyday, busy, downtown life, but can also easily access the main vein of modern civilization with just a few minutes’ drive. Looking at life as a balancing act between comfortable solitude and convenient mainstream access, Forest Ridge Apartments is the tight rope walker that makes it look easy.