Playground Safety Tips for Our New Hampshire Apartments

Posted on April 15, 2014 under Blog, New Hampshire Apartments

At Forest Ridge Apartments, we encourage families and friends to take advantage of the many amenities we offer. Our New Hampshire apartments offer everything from free gym memberships to community cookouts to access to a safe, child friendly playground and more. What we’d like to discuss now, however, is playground safety. With spring here and more sunny days ahead, many parents will be bringing their children to our playground. Professionally maintained, our playground offers children a safe and fun way to enjoy the outdoors while socializing and getting a good amount of exercise. Unfortunately, there are still 200,000 injuries reported from playground accidents every year, so a little information on how to keep your kids safe on the playground is important.

The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) is a good place to start when looking to find playground safety tips for parents and guardians. The NRPA estimates that 40% of playground injuries are caused due to a lack of supervision. So, of course, we want to remind all of the residents of our New Hampshire apartments to never let their children use the playground without supervision. Children are adventurous and are always challenging their abilities but often lack the foresight to recognize potential hazards. This is why it is essential to remain vigilant while supervising your children when they’re on the playground.

Keeping It Safe

Apartment complex playgroundThe NRPA also says that improper surfacing under playgrounds is the leading cause of playground injuries. In order to ensure children’s well being, we’ve designed our playground with soft sand underneath it. The NRPA considers sand to be a proper surface material for playgrounds. Appropriate adult supervision is always a top priority for parents letting their children enjoy our playground. Also make sure that your child is of an appropriate age to safely play on our playground. Children from ages 2-5 have needs that greatly differ from children ages 5-12. Always be wary of how your child is using our playground.

Also remember to be observant of the conditions of the playground and its structures themselves. Keep in mind that certain articles of clothing or jewelry can become caught in various areas of the playground and lead to an accident. Make sure that the temperature of the playground’s surface area is safe for your child to come in contact with. With the sun beating down, playground surfaces can heat up dramatically and many children don’t have the reaction time to safely stop from coming in contact with these hot surfaces. Our playground is designed for the safe recreation of our tenants, but always keeps in mind that adult supervision is of top priority when children are at play.

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