What Are Some Inexpensive Decorating Tips For My Apartment?

Posted on May 3, 2013 under Apartment Living, New Hampshire Apartments

So, you love your new apartment (or old one for that matter) and you want to decorate or redecorate. Like most of us, you probably can’t afford to go out and spend loads of cash on throw pillows or expensive artwork, and frankly you’d just rather not spend your money on these things. There are many ways to make your apartment fabulous and high-end. You can customize it to your taste without dropping a ton of cash! Here are a few tips to get you inspired:

NH Apartment Decorating

  • Think about “modular” furniture, especially if your apartment is tiny. You can customize it to fit your space.
  • Wall-to-wall carpet? Sometimes it’s not in the best condition. Add bright accents and layer on area rugs.
  • If you are allowed to paint, consider more neutral colors. You’d be surprised how much a new coat of paint can make a difference to your apartment, and without spending a lot of money.
  • Replace your blinds and dress your windows, perhaps consider roman shades or floor length curtains to give the illusion of a larger window.
  • If you collect stuff, like movie posters or vintage collectables, use that collection as part of your décor. Display things on wall shelves, wall cubes or mount the small things in a Shadowbox.

A Few Things To Consider…

  • Try yard sales and garage sales. You can find unique furniture pieces, wall décor and the like. If what you find is not in the best shape you can take them home and spruce them up, or change out the cushions if the piece has good structure. Giving your furniture a makeover (or keeping it looking vintage) gives your items a new life!
  • Browse the discount stores, like dollar stores. These stores have come a long way and you might be surprised at the treasures you’ll find.
  • Shop consignment. Consignment stores sell everything from wall art to couches. All of the items sold on consignment were previously owned and may be in the store because the previous owner ran out of room or moved. You can often find almost new items and all of the items are in very good condition, plus you’ll pay much less for them.

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